The Eighth Prince: Philipinas and the Coming War against the Assyrian

The Eighth Prince

Introducing my third book entitled, Stories from the 10/40 Window: The Eighth Prince: Philipinas and the Coming War against the Assyrian is the third installment of the series that continues with our four missionary friends, James, Mark, Deborah, and Phoebe now in the Philippines to conduct a new mission. They are called there to not only contribute to the upcoming war effort but to effect Holy Spirit revival throughout the island nation. They coordinate and network with a Christian church ministry that assists them along with their government friends to arrange and organize three major revival services in three of the island nation’s major cities. They preach on justification, sanctification, and glorification to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos hungry for salvation in Jesus Christ. Will their spiritual efforts pay off in an island nation that was once beleaguered by Maoist and Moro presidential rule? What will become of their war preparations with their National Defense patrons? Find out in The Eighth Prince: Philipinas and the Coming War against the Assyrian! Available on Amazon Kindle!

The Death Mask War: North Korea, The Hermit Kingdom And the Fall of the Cult of Kim

The Death Mask War

“The Death Mask War: North Korea, the Hermit Kingdom and the Fall of the Cult of Kim” is another addition to the series with four of our missionary friends arriving in a war-torn North Korea during an allied invasion of the Hermit Kingdom. While embedded as official clergy with the Chinese Nationalist Republican Army, they go about assisting their colleagues with humanitarian aid to newly liberated death camp prisoners, refugees, and even their enemies in North Korean prisoners of war. During the course of following on the heels of their allies invading various parts of the fallen DPRK, the missionaries make horrific discoveries of what life and death was like in the cult of Kim. They toil through pain, hurt, joy, and love for their fellow human beings. They come through it victorious in Christ to win souls, disciple new believers, and plant churches on the ruins of Kim cult and Juche-Stalinist idols. How far and wide will they evangelize across the former North Korea? What will become of the North Korean military remnant holed up in Hamhung? Find out in “The Death Mask War”! Available on Amazon Kindle! …..

The Happy Day Cult: China, and the Back to the Jerusalem Movement

The Happy Day Cult

“The Happy Day Cult: China and the Back to the Jerusalem Movement” is an intriguing fictitious story about a group of Chinese Christians who go about all of mainland China, sharing a great prophecy concerning the future of China and the impact that the Christian faith will have on China and beyond. While being led by their elder brother and two sisters into the entire east of China, they are being hounded by Maoist agents, spies, and troops as they miraculously circle their way back to their secret home base. Along the way they encounter secret underground house churches in diverse places throughout the rural Chinese countryside. They also experience and practice miraculous signs and wonders, as they minister among numerous underground house churches with God’s Word and song. Will they make it back before they are discovered and arrested by the Maoists? What will happen to their three leaders? Find out in “The Happy Day Cult”! Available on Amazon Kindle! …..