Interview on Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells

In April, I was a guest on Caravan to Midnight, hosted by John B. Wells. John and I had a great conversation on topics, concerning my latest books on China (The Happy Day Cult) and North Korea (The Death Mask War), which are both on sale at the CtM Store. Please link to my Author Page on CtM for more details …

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The Road to Captivity Book Review

The Road to Captivity | Dr. C.R. Oliver | Book Review

“The Road to Captivity” by Dr. C.R. Oliver is a thorough exposition into the Book of Jeremiah. The author takes the biblical prophetic book chapter by chapter, relating the verses to the prevailing theme of how a nation and people are collectively going down the road to captivity because of their rejection of their God, El Shaddai (among other names attributed to Him based on His holy attributes). The author relates personal as well as scriptural asides in explaining the relative verses of each chapter. In doing so, he makes his commentary relevant to the situation of any people and nation who has rejected their Creator in exchange for their own way of corrupt lifestyles and immoral choices. Continue reading The Road to Captivity Book Review

The Watchers Book Review

The Watchers | Dr. C.K. Quarterman | Book Review

“The Watchers” by Dr. C.K. Quarterman is an intriguing look into the grand scheme behind the fall of humanity and how that grave consequence is playing out even unto this very day! Using tried and true hermeneutical methods (e.g., literal-grammatical-historical and scripture defining scripture methods), Dr. Quarterman utilizes Scripture as well as consulting relevant extra-biblical sources to piece together a comprehensive understanding of how the creation account unfolded. He carefully parses the opening verses of Genesis and highlights certain biblical Hebrew words to ascertain the mystery of a Pre-Adamite world. Continue reading The Watchers Book Review