About Me

I am a Christian novella author, meaning that I write short stories that glorify God and inspire His people to pursue becoming workers in His great harvest fields of the world. How I got to this point in my life has a lot to do with God’s leading in my life.

When I became born-again in 1994, it was a twenty-year spiritual journey that led to me giving out of my small treasure for the purposes of advancing God’s kingdom here on earth. Late in 2010, I invested in giving five Chinese Bibles to five Chinese Christians in China. In exchange for them, we were given each others names to pray over; and so we did. This right action enabled the Lord to open my eyes to the plight of the underground house church movement in China. This also led me to write my first novella on China and the Back to Jerusalem movement.

What would follow would be another book in a series, “Stories from the 10/40 Window” on North Korea and how the cult of Kim will be brought down to liberate God’s people from the evils of Juche-Stalinism.

Lord willing, there will be more books forthcoming in the series, as I am led to write them. Be on the lookout for more books from the series and from the ministry and missions work that God has in store for me.